Month: November 2011

MX Record

MX Record When you send an email to the recipient, have you ever wondered how your email server knows where the recipient domain’s email services are hosted and where to deliver mail sent by you. It is DNS MX record

SPF Record

SPF record stands for Sender Policy Framework. SPF is a very useful mechanism in the fight against Spamming, spoofing to reduce spam and spoofing of email messages. SPF is a mechanism through which a domain owner can define and instruct

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Missing Attachments

Missing Attachments Issue reported by user: A user complains that he receives email from a particular sender with missing attachments. However same email marked to other user can easily access attachments.

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Email Delivery System

Email Delivery System Have you ever wondered how email gets delivered from sender to recipient? To troubleshoot email delivery issues it is very important to understand how email delivery system works.  Here, I am to discuss how email delivery system

301 Redirect: subdomain to TLD

301 Redirect: subdomain to TLD Today I came up with a situation to redirect a subdomain to its TLD. What I was required to do was move the blog from subdomain to top level domain (TLD) and then setup a