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Missing Attachments

Missing Attachments Issue reported by user: A user complains that he receives email from a particular sender with missing attachments. However same email marked to other user can easily access attachments.

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Your mailbox is already locked

Your mailbox is already locked This error ‘Your mailbox is already locked’ appears while a single mailbox is configured on multiple computers and one session already in progress while another session tries to access the mailbox. When POP3 client establishes

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Unknown error has occurred – 0x800C0133

Unknown error has occurred – 0x800C0133 0x800C0133 appears in Outlook Express while receiving/downloading email from POP3 email account. This error is thrown by Outlook Express after failing to store the downloaded email in its data store file i.e. Inbox.dbx file. 

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Break apart messages larger than

Break apart messages larger than Do you want to send large attachment through email inspite of your SMTP server is restrict outgoing emails larger than say 10MB? If this is the case then you could use a feature called “Break

Send emails Using Telnet

Send emails Using Telnet Let us see how to send emails using command line client like Telnet, PuTTY etc. This is very useful while troubleshooting email sending issues in Mail client like Outlook Express, MS Office Outlook etc. Sending emails