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Local Users, local group and local security policies on Windows Server 2008

Since last week I am working on a project for setting up a Shared FTP Server for a Shared Web Server based on Windows Server 2008 R2 platform. I have already published an article to Install IIS on Windows Server

How to use Wireless LAN Service in Windows Server 2008

Today entire day I was out of Office and when returned home the Internet connectivity was down and I was in a mood to write about How to create various DNS resource records in Windows Server 2008. I collected a

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Resolve DNS records using nslookup command

How DNS Resolver Works? Every Operating System (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android etc.) is equipped with a utility called DNS Client which takes care of resolving Domain Names to respective IP addresses. Did you ever wonder how this DNS Client works?

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Enable telnet client on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008

In the field of networking telnet is a very useful command line tool for checking connectivity with services running on server. Let us assume your email client is unable to send emails saying that unable to connect with your outgoing

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Create email account in hMailServer

In last article hMailServer domain, we created a new domain. Now, it’s turn to create email account under this domain. So, below is the step by step guide to create email account in hMailServer. Connect to hMailServer administrator Expand Domains

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