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Configure hMailServer for remote email communication

Before we see how to configure hMailServer to handle remote email communication I would like to list the pre-requisites as below: Registered domain Email hosting for registered domain Configure SMTP Relay Settings SMTP relay settings needs to be done in

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Building intra-net email server (hMailServer)

I am back again after a long break with my favorite topic i.e. email communications. I am writing this article on request of one of my blog friend Mr. Oladapo Makanjuola, who recently wanted to implement an intranet email server. He

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NovaBackup CMC

NovaBACKUP CMC (Central Management Console) is an application used to manage multiple installations of NovaBACKUP Professional, NovaBACKUP Server and NovaBACKUP Business Essential centrally using web interface through LAN as well as WAN. A few activities those can be carried out

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Configure Secondary DNS Server in Windows Server 2008

Install and configure DNS Server in Windows Server 2008, in this article we configured only a single DNS Server and applied a trick to cheat Domain Name authority which requires at least two name servers. InĀ Install and configure DNS Server

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Types of Backup supported by NovaBackup

To design a sound and useful backup strategy we should know about the different types of backup options available with the backup software. I have written here about various types of backup options available in NovaBackup. I am using the

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