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Import email accounts in CPanel

In Managing email accounts in CPanel, we had seen how to create and manage email accounts in CPanel. Now, what if you need to create hundreds or thousands of email accounts in CPanel. In this kind of situation generally arises when

hMailServer Active Directory authentication process

hMailServer’s email account can be linked with active directory user or local user created on the machine where hMailServer is installed (even in WORKGROUP environment).  By using this feature the authentication task can be handed over to active directory. The

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Missing Attachments

Missing Attachments Issue reported by user: A user complains that he receives email from a particular sender with missing attachments. However same email marked to other user can easily access attachments.

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Email Delivery System

Email Delivery System Have you ever wondered how email gets delivered from sender to recipient? To troubleshoot email delivery issues it is very important to understand how email delivery system works.  Here, I am to discuss how email delivery system

Your mailbox is already locked

Your mailbox is already locked This error ‘Your mailbox is already locked’ appears while a single mailbox is configured on multiple computers and one session already in progress while another session tries to access the mailbox. When POP3 client establishes

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