In Managing email accounts in CPanel, we had seen how to create and manage email accounts in CPanel. Now, what if you need to create hundreds or thousands of email accounts in CPanel. In this kind of situation generally arises when you are moving your hosting services from one host to another or you are setting up a new hosting account with lots of email accounts. In this kind of scenarios you can cleverly use import email accounts in CPanel. So, here are the steps for importing email accounts in CPanel. I am assuming that you are using X3 theme for your CPanel.

  • Login to CPanel
  • Click on “Import Addresses/Forwarders” as shown in below snapshot.

Import email accounts in CPanel - 1

  • Now because we want to import email accounts, select “E-mail Accounts” radio button.
  • Browse for the csv or excel file containing email account information as per below given format. Example is given below in which first row is the header row.
Required Data Optional Data
E-mail Address Domain, Password, Quota
Email Password Quota ******** 250 ******** 250
  • Select the delimiter if the file selected in previous step is coma separated value (csv) file. If you choose xls (excel file) then option to choose delimiter will not be displayed.
  • Select “Treat first row as column headers” only if the file either csv or xls contains header row. In our case we have a header row in our data file.
  • Click “Next” to move on.

Import email accounts in CPanel - 2

  • Now choose the header from the drop down in the table that corresponds to each column if it doesn’t match.
  • Select domain from the drop down if the csv or xls contain user names without domain part and also if it doesn’t include Domain column. If below is the data of csv or xls then we must select domain from the drop down under which these email accounts will be created.
Email Password Quota
george ******** 250
james ******** 250
  • Click “Next” button to continue.

Import email accounts in CPanel - 3

  • Review the email accounts to be imported. To continue import operation click “Finish” button.

Import email accounts in CPanel - 4

  • The status of import email account in CPanel will be shown as below. It will show if any error occurs while creating any email account.

Import email accounts in CPanel - 5


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