Month: February 2012

hMailServer Active Directory authentication process

hMailServer’s email account can be linked with active directory user or local user created on the machine where hMailServer is installed (even in WORKGROUP environment).  By using this feature the authentication task can be handed over to active directory. The

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hMailServer External Accounts

External Accounts in hMailServer is one of the most powerful feature which gives hMailServer following functionalities: hMailServer is configured as per scenario #2 discussed in Email Server configuration scenarios, and users want to fetch emails from their other email accounts

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Enable MySQL support in PHP

To enable MySQL support in PHP, follow below procedure. Uncomment below two lines in php.ini file: extension=php_mysql.dll extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll

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Create email account in hMailServer

In last article hMailServer domain, we created a new domain. Now, it’s turn to create email account under this domain. So, below is the step by step guide to create email account in hMailServer. Connect to hMailServer administrator Expand Domains

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hMailServer Domain

To host email services for any domain in hMailServer we need to Add  New Domain. Each email account belongs to a hMailServer domain. Below are the step by step guide on Adding a new mail domain to hMailServer. Connect to the

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