Create email account in hMailServer

In last article hMailServer domain, we created a new domain. Now, it’s turn to create email account under this domain. So, below is the step by step guide to create email account in hMailServer.
  • Connect to hMailServer administrator
  • Expand Domains
  • Expand domain under which you want to create new email account
  • Click on Accounts

Create email account in hMailServer - 1

  • Click Add button

hMailServer Email Account : General

  • Address : Enter the account name. The domain part after @ can not be edited.
  • Password : Enter password for this email account. This password is stored in hMailServer database.
  • Maximum size (MB) : The mailbox quota for this email account. hMailServer will bounce emails after exceeding this maximum size value.
  • Size (MB) : Shows the current size of mailbox.
  • Administration level : For creating normal email account select “User” from the drop down. If you want to make this account domain admin right then select “Domain”. By selecting “Server” this email account will have hMailServer administrator privileges.
  • Last logon time : Last time when user logged in to her account
  • Enabled : Must be selected in order to activate this email account otherwise it will remain inactive.
After entering above details click “Save” button to create the email account. These are the only details required to create an email account all other details are optional.

Create email account in hMailServer : General

hMailServer Email Account : Auto-reply

You can setup a vacation response here, so that hMailServer will automatically sent response message configured here to the sender.

  • Enabled : Select if you want to enable Auto responder.
  • Subject : Enter subject of the auto response message.
  • Text : Enter message body which will be sent as auto response.
  • Automatically expire : If you select this and specify the date then after this date auto response will be automatically expire and hMailServer will no more send auto response messages.

Create email account in hMailServer : Auto-reply

hMailServer Email Account : Forwarding

You can setup auto email forwarder such that all emails coming at this email account will be forwarded to the specified email account. e.g. If you want to forward all emails coming on to, do setting as per below snapshot.

  • Enabled : Select to enable the forwarding.
  • Forward to : Type the email account where you want to auto forward emails coming on this account ( Forward to email address can be any valid email address.
  • Keep original message : By selecting this you can keep email coming on original email account also after being forwarded. If not selected, the email will not be stored in the account from which it is being forwarded.

Create email account in hMailServer : Forwarding

hMailServer Email Account : Signature

Account level signature can be setup from here. Plain text and HTML signature both can be specified. If HTML signature is left blank then hMailServer will use plain text signature as HTML signature.  Domain level signature settings will decide if account level signature applied to all email messages or just messages sent to external email addresses.

Create email account in hMailServer : Signature

hMailServer Email Account : External Accounts

“External accounts” is a very powerful feature of hMailServer which gives hMailServer the ability to behave as an email distribution server. As we discussed in Email Server configuration scenarios, using external accounts feature we can configure hMailServer to fetch from external account and either deliver it to the account under which it is configured or distribute it to the local accounts depending on the recipients in MIME headers. Visit hMailServer External Accounts for more information.

hMailServer Email Account : Rules

Rules defined here are only applied to messages delivered to specific account. We will have a separate article to discuss on rules (both account level and global rules).

hMailServer Email Account : Active Directory

Using this feature we can out source the authentication responsibility on active directory. The main benefit is that no passwords are stored in hMailServer database.  User must supply his active directory password for the active directory user name when logging into POP3 account.

  • Active Directory account : Select to enable active directory authentication for this email account.
  • Domain : Enter Domain name of active directory.
  • User name : Enter the active directory user name that will be used to validate this account with active directory. Password will be supplied by email client.

Click here to know more on hMailServer Active Directory authentication process.

Create email account in hMailServer : Active Directory

hMailServer Email Account : Advanced

Here we can enter personal information of the user owning this email account.

  • First name : First name of the user. This can also be use in signature using macro %User.FirstName%
  • Last name : Last name of the user. This can also be used in signature using macro %User.LastName%

Create email account in hMailServer : Advanced

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