Revert back to the Old look of Gmail

Google continually updates the look, layout and feel of their Product and Services portals. Recently a few weeks back Google has introduced a new look for Gmail services. I am using the new look for quite a sometime and comfortable using the new look and layout, however this is not the case for everyone. Some people like new look of Gmail while some don’t. Today I got a call from my friend that he has switched to newer look of Gmail accidentally and want to switch back to the older look. So, here is the procedure to temporarily switch back to the old look of Gmail.

Switch to new look of Gmail

To switch your Gmail to new look, click on a link “Switch to the new look” appearing at bottom right corner of your browser window. A popup window will appear to confirm if you really want to switch to the new look or continue using old look.

Switch GMail to New look Step-1


Switch GMail to new  look step 2

Click “Switch to the new look” button. Now you will see a new look of GMail. New look offers a lot of cool themes to use.

Gmail new look themes

Revert back to Old Look of Gmail

If you do not like new Gmail look and design then you can switch back to the old gmail look temporarily. To switch back to older look of Gmail please follow below steps:

  • Log in to your Gmail account.
  • Click on the Gear icon as shown in below snapshot. Now click on “Revert to the old look temporarily“.

Revert back to old look of Gmail Step - 1

  • In a popup window that appears click on “Revert to the old look temporarily“.

Revert back to old look of Gmail Step - 2

That’s it you switched back to the older look of Gmail. You can also send feedback about the new look of Gmail to Google by visiting “Send feedback” link located at bottom right corner of your Gmail’s new look.

Kunal Gandhi
Kunal Gandhi

Gopal, thanks a lot. i have finding solution for the Same since last 2 day. i did not find any solution till now. But it just worked now with help of your blog. Thanks for the Article. I will expect somemore problem solution in future. Regards, Kunal Gandhi


thanks kunal. there are lot of stuffs to come.