Break apart messages larger than

Do you want to send large attachment through email inspite of your SMTP server is restrict outgoing emails larger than say 10MB? If this is the case then you could use a feature called “Break apart messages larger than” in Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail. Now, assume that you want to send a 50MB email and your SMTP server is permitting only 10MB then you can set “Break apart messages larger than” to say 8MB, to do the same please follow below steps:

  • In Outlook Express/Windows Mail go to Tools and then click Accounts.
  • Highlight your email account and then click Properties.
  • Click on Advanced tab, there is “Break apart messages larger than” under “Sending” section, specify 8MB = 8192KB in that box.
  • Click OK and then Close

Break apart messages larger than

Compose a new mail and attach your 50MB file and send it. Here what Outlook Express/Windows Mail is doing it splits up your 50MB email into 7 emails of which first 6 having 8MB size and last one 2MB and sends these 7 chunks of email to the SMTP server which permits 10MB, and allows to send all 7 messages. The subject of new emails will be approximately equal to “Original subject of your 50MB email ” + “file name of your attachment [1/7]” etc.

When recipient checks his/her email in Webmail, there will be total 7 emails. But, when recipient downloads these 7 emails to his email client either Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail, this email client combines 7 messages into one and recipient will end up receiving only single email containing that 50MB attachment whose subject now becomes “Original subject of your 50MB email ” + “file name of your attachment [1/7]”. You can find 7 chunks of original email in Deleted Items folder.

Now, the real issue arises when these 7 emails are downloaded in any email client other than Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail, because other email clients doesn’t understand the trick so it downloads 7 emails in the Inbox and leave them as they are received which is a junk and nothing else.

Break apart messages larger than, if set incorrectly to very lower value then it may cause issues such as recipient receiving a large number of emails each containing some junk data. So, whenever someone complains about such kind of issue, first of all please make sure that Break apart messages larger than is unchecked.

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