Facebook has launched it’s most awaited timeline feature a few days back. Facebook timeline feature is simply a new kind of profile, which brings up a new interface to your Facebook profile. While using Facebook timeline you can see all the activities, posts made ever since your first day of joining Facebook on a single page provided by Facebook timeline. Here are the steps how to enable Facebook timeline and some basic steps to setup the new interface.

You can enable by visiting Facebook timeline, while being logged into your Facebook account and then click on “Get Timeline” button located at bottom right corner as shown below. Facebook gives you seven days to adjust the look and feel of your new time line profile before it goes public, it will automatically published after seven days. If you want to publish it before seven days it’s also possible.

Enable Facebook Timeline feature

Facebook Timeline feature :: Your cover

Facebook Timeline feature :: Your Cover

Your cover appears above your profile picture and it’s the first thing people see when they visit your profile. Here you can choose a unique photo from your life to feature on your cover or the photo which best describes you.

Facebook Timeline feature :: Views

In this area you can see everything in one place. This is where you shall find your info, photos, likes, apps and other stuffs all in one central place.

Facebook Timeline feature - Views


Facebook Timeline feature :: Activity Log

Facebook Timeline feature :: Activity LogView all your activities by clicking on activity log. Your activity log will list all your posts and activity since you joined Facebook. Go here to review things you’re tagged in, change who sees individual stories and more.

Now, with activity log you can review and choose who sees what you have shared, right from beginning you started using Facebook. You can select which story you don’t want show on your time line.

Facebook Timeline feature :: Activity Log Detailed

Facebook Timeline feature :: Rediscover your top stories

This is your timeline. It’s your collection of your most memorable photos, events and experiences. Scroll back to the beginning or jump to a specific time by clicking the dates along the right side of your timeline. This sounds like travelling in past with time machine, isn’t it?

Facebook Timeline feature :: Sidebar

Facebook Timeline feature :: Highlight what’s important

Hover over a story and click the star icon to expand it to widescreen. Or click the pencil icon to hide or delete the post. Some stories on your timeline appear as dots. Just hover over the dot to view the story.

Facebook Timeline feature :: Add new event to your timeline

You can add a status or photo at the top your time line as normal, at the same time you can also add status, photos, place and life event at earlier data also. Say, you have celebrated your birthday and want to add photos at that date only than you can do this now with Facebook timeline.

Facebook Timeline feature :: Adding photo in earlier time


While writing this article I have also setup timeline feature, and published it. Below is the snapshot of my facebook time line profile visible to all my friends and some part visible to everyone.

Facebook timeline feature :: My Facebook timeline profile

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      1. Yes, I must say Facebook is gtntieg pretty interesting right now. On top of what you have pointed out here, they rolled out two major changes this week and could care less what we think about it. I can tell you right now Facebook wants to be the next Google. I do have issues with Google, too, but I still agree with you, Facebook pushing you to do something is very concerning. It will be interesting to see what they do next because I believe these guys are just gtntieg started. Dont know if that’s a good or bad thing yet. But these abrupt changes that were made this week and what you just pointed out bother me.Ericka

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